Other types of machines

Here you can find examples of machines or detailed solutions that cannot be assigned to in-plant transportation machinery or machine tools.


In-plant transportation machinery

In-plant transportation machinery is used to convey goods within a plant. This includes universal transport equipment such as trolleys and carts, lifting equipment such as manipulators and cranes, auxiliary transport equipment such as pallets and boxes, and conveyor equipment such as roller and belt conveyors.

This transportation equipment is most frequently encountered in the logistics sector and goods distribution. Important types of machine include forklift trucks, pallet trucks and order pickers. Since the associated tasks of workers are primarily loading, unloading and transporting, it is important that these machines provide the best possible support to the workers in completing these tasks.


Machine tools

Machine tools encompass all stationary machines that are used to manufacture workpieces by means of tools. Machine tools may be forming machines (such as bending machines), cutting machines (such as milling machines, saws or guillotine shears), or joining machines (such as laser sintering machines).

CNC machines are widely used in industry. They execute entire machining programs with a high degree of automation, frequently using multiple tools for the purpose. Besides operating and programming the machine, the chief tasks of the human operator are generally placing blanks in the machine, removing the parts after machining, and changing tools. Depending upon the size of the parts, these tasks may frequently involve the handling of heavy loads and in some cases the exertion of high forces.