In-plant transportation machinery

In-plant transportation machinery is used to convey goods within a plant. This includes universal transport equipment such as trolleys and carts, lifting equipment such as manipulators and cranes, auxiliary transport equipment such as pallets and boxes, and conveyor equipment such as roller and belt conveyors.

This transportation equipment is most frequently encountered in the logistics sector and goods distribution. Important types of machine include forklift trucks, pallet trucks and order pickers. Since the associated tasks of workers are primarily loading, unloading and transporting, it is important that these machines provide the best possible support to the workers in completing these tasks.

Roller and belt conveyors

Roller and belt conveyors are fixed facilities along which material and goods are moved mechanically or manually by workers in a horizontal plane.

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Towing tractors and tugger trains

Towing tractors are used for transport purposes within plants. They are used primarily in tugger trains which deliver material at cyclical intervals and normally comprise one towing tractor and several trailers.

LKE shelf trolley

LKE Kit-Wagen mit herausfahrbahren/wegklappbaren Regalböden für erleichtertes Be- und Entladen © Michael Hüter

KIT-Wagen 800 E3/E4 Tugger trains are often used to transport material to production centres in series production... more

LKE Multi-Liner

LKE Multiliner © Michael Hüter

Multi-Liner Tugger trains are often used to transport material to production centres in series production... more


Non-powered trucks

Non-powered trucks are used for the transport of materials. They can be moved manually or by means of a towing tractor.

Expresso transport systems

EXPRESSO t2m mit Sensorgriff ermöglicht Materialtransport ohne große Kraftanstrengung © Michael Hüter

Transport systems with electric drive The transport of material within a plant can take many forms, ranging from loading processes on... more


Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are non-powered trucks with special equipment for the retrieval and depositing of goods or auxiliary transport equipment such as pallets. Pallet trucks may be operated manually or with electrical assistance.

Pramac I-ton pallet truck

Gewichts-reduzierter Gabelhubwagen erfordert weniger Krafteinsatz © Michael Hüter

Plastic I-ton pallet truck When materials are transported by means of manual transport equipment such as pallet trucks or... more

Crown WT3000 pallet truck

Fahrerstandplattform Flexride vermindert Vibrationsbelastungen © Michael Hüter

WT3000 pallet truck with operator's platform The pallet trucks with operator's platform in the Crown WT 3000 range are designed for the transport... more

BT-Lifter pallet truck with start assist

Anfahrhilfe mit Hebelprinzip zur direkten Kraftübertragung auf die Räder verringert manuelle Anstrengungen © Michael Hüter

BT Pro Lifter L series When non-powered trucks or pallet trucks are used for the moving of heavy loads, the greatest forces... more


Forklift trucks

Forklift trucks are self-propelled transport equipment with unsupported forks for the carrying of pallets.

Crown TSP 7000 very narrow aisle turret truck

Crown TSP 7000 Hochregalstapler © Michael Hüter

TSP 7000 turret truck range Order picking in high-rack warehouses requires a range of work procedures, some of which are... more

Linde counterweight stacker

Gabelstapler mit 180 Grad drehbarem Fahrerstand verhindern gesundheitsschädliche Stellungen der Halswirbelsäule und des Rumpfes © Michael Hüter

Counterweight stackers with swivel driver's station Standard Euro pallets and fork-lift trucks are the equipment of choice for the /transport of larger... more


Order pickers

Order pickers are special self-propelled transport equipment possessing forks for carrying one or more pallets. They are used for making up orders, generally in large warehouses. Order pickers are therefore designed to permit rapid entry and exit.

Crown GPC 3000 order picker

Höhenverstellbarer Plattformhub ermöglicht sicheren Stand sowie Zugang zu höher gelegenen Waren © Michael Hüter

GPC 3000 During order picking, goods are retrieved from rack systems and placed on trucks or pallet transport... more


Reach trucks

Like forklift trucks, reach trucks have counterbalanced forks, but differ in that the forks are supported on the left and right by booms. The forks can be extended forwards in order to engage pallets. The driver's platform is generally situated 90° to the direction of travel, permitting travel in both directions.

Reach truck with tilting cab

Schubmaststapler mit kippbarer Kabine um Belastung für Genick zu vermindern © Michael Hüter

BT Reflex R/E series Reach trucks are generally used for stacking of and retrieval from shelves and for the transport of... more

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Manipulators & cranes

Manipulators and cranes are used for moving loads vertically. Cranes may also have drives in the horizontal plane. Manipulators are generally geared to a specific weight, and are used to neutralize or reduce the weight.

ZASCHESitec balancer with manual force control

Balancer mit Handkraftsteuerung von ZASCHESitec © Michael Hüter

Range of balancer models During the handling of loads, hoists are often used that lift defined weights and require the... more