Machine tools

Machine tools encompass all stationary machines that are used to manufacture workpieces by means of tools. Machine tools may be forming machines (such as bending machines), cutting machines (such as milling machines, saws or guillotine shears), or joining machines (such as laser sintering machines).

CNC machines are widely used in industry. They execute entire machining programs with a high degree of automation, frequently using multiple tools for the purpose. Besides operating and programming the machine, the chief tasks of the human operator are generally placing blanks in the machine, removing the parts after machining, and changing tools. Depending upon the size of the parts, these tasks may frequently involve the handling of heavy loads and in some cases the exertion of high forces.

Machines for generative production processes

Examples of machines for generative production processes are laser sintering machines and 3D printers.

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Saws and shears

Saws and shears are machines for the cutting of materials with a smooth cut and the lowest possible material loss. Shears are generally used for single rolled sheets or thin material thicknesses.

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Hammers and forging machines

Hammers and forging machines are used for hot or cold forming of metals by forging. These machines usually generate high noise levels.

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Gear-cutting machines

Gear-cutting machines are special milling machines (hobbers) and grinding machines used for the manufacture of gears and racks.

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Forming machines and presses

Forming machines and presses are used for cold machining of metal. Bending machines are generally equipped with hydraulic presses, and take the form of freeform and form-bound bending machines.

TRUMPF TruBend 7000 range

Einstellbarer Arbeitsplatz eines Bedieners ermöglicht optimale Sichtachse und verhindert Blendeeffekte © Michael Hüter

TruBend 7000 range The bending of sheet-metal parts in small to medium batch sizes is still performed for the most part... more



Lathes are used for chip-forming machining of rotationally symmetrical parts. The cutting feed is generated by linear movement of the cutting edge with respect to the rotating workpiece.

Siemens Sinumerik machine control

Fernbedienung die positionsunabhängige Maschinensteuerung ermöglicht © Michael Hüter

Sinumerik machine control hardware Precise positioning operations are required during the setup and adjustment of machine tools.... more

DMG Ergoline Control milling machine controller

Ergonomisch verstellbarer Display für Fräsmaschinensteuerung © Michael Hüter

DMG Ergoline Control Modern CNC machine tools and machining centres, not least in mass-production systems, are supplied... more


Milling machines and machining centres

Milling machines are chip-forming metal-machining tools on which the workpiece is clamped statically and the milling tool rotates. Machining centres are highly automated milling machines that generally feature a tool-changing system and sometimes also a workpiece-changing system.


Im DMG DMU Monoblock werden durch größere Beinfreiheit ungünstige Körperhaltungen reduziert © Michael Hüter

DMU 125 monoBLOCK 5-axis machining centre Machining centres are machine tools for universal use that are able to perform a range of processes,... more

Kiesling Perforex machining centre

Offenes, vertikales Betriebskonzept ermöglicht Hilfsmitteleinsatz  bei großvolumigen Bauteilen © Michael Hüter

Perforex machining centre for switchgear cabinets and sheet-metal parts Machining centres are normally designed for universal use for the machining of parts of different... more

Datron D5 milling machine

Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt © Michael Hüter

D5 Universal dental milling machine Milling machines are generally designed to be operated by experienced and highly qualified skilled... more


Drilling machines

Drilling machines are chip-cutting machine tools used for the production of circular holes. They differ from milling machines in that they have feed in one axis only.


Grinding and honing machines

Grinding and honing machines are machine tools with a geometrically undefined cutting edge. They may resemble milling machines in their design.