Other types of machines

Here you can find examples of machines or detailed solutions that cannot be assigned to in-plant transportation machinery or machine tools.

Handheld Machines

Hand-held or hand-guided machines are electric, pneumatic, hydraulic tools or tools driven by an internal combustion engine. Among other things, holding the machine can cause strain due to its weight or can force the user to assume ergonomically unfavourable hand-/arm positions. In addition, possible emissions of hand-held machines (such as vibration, noise, or exhaust fumes) or emissions from the processed material (such as dusts or vapours) can have a direct impact on users.


Ergonomische Randschleifmaschinen ermöglichen aufrechte Körperhaltung

Parquet and Timber Grinder In the case of edge grinding of parquet, it is usually necessary to take an unfavourable posture... more


Mobile machines in the construction, agricultural and forestry sector

Mobile machines in the construction (e.g. excavators, wheel loader), agricultural (e.g. harvesters, beet diggers) and forestry (e.g. harvesters, forwarders) sector are usually used under harsh conditions such as dust, dirt, mud, wetness, cold or heat as well as in rough environments. They are also often very large, so that it must be ensured that operators can climb up and down safely and are provided with a sufficient field of view.

Grifa softstep

Zusätzlicher Tritt der beim Auf- und Absteigen bei hohen Einstiegen hilft © Michael Hüter

Grifa softstep The Grifa softstep is a retrofitable step which is retracted after boarding and, when descending... more