Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are non-powered trucks with special equipment for the retrieval and depositing of goods or auxiliary transport equipment such as pallets. Pallet trucks may be operated manually or with electrical assistance.

Crown WT3000 pallet truck

Vibrationsdämpfung Gabelhubwagen Crown WT 3000 © Michael Hüter

WT3000 pallet truck with operator's platform The pallet trucks with operator's platform in the Crown WT 3000 range are designed for the transport... more

Pramac I-ton pallet truck

Pramac Kunststoffhubwagen I-Ton © Michael Hüter

Plastic I-ton pallet truck When materials are transported by means of manual transport equipment such as pallet trucks or... more

BT-Lifter pallet truck with start assist

Zeichnung von BT-Lifter © Michael Hüter

BT Pro Lifter L series When non-powered trucks or pallet trucks are used for the moving of heavy loads, the greatest forces... more

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