Proposing a new good-practice example

We're on the lookout for further examples of good practice for ergonomically designed machines and machine components – for all types of machine, not just in the spheres of in-plant transportation and machine tools.

Please note: when a new example is proposed (an entire machine or a component), the machine as a whole is examined by a KAN working group, in order to assess its general suitability for inclusion in the portal. A fundamental criterion for inclusion is conformity with the Machinery Directive (CE marking). The machine must exhibit no deficits in ergonomics or occupational safety. The information required for the assessment must be supplied by the proposer or the manufacturer of the machine at KAN's request. The online form provided here is used only for an initial appraisal by the KAN Secretariat. Owing to the necessary process for the agreement of proposals, assessment may take some time. Submission of a proposal does not entitle the submitter/manufacturer to have the proposed solution actually accepted in the portal.

Should you wish to submit a proposal, please complete this form in order to provide us with meaningful information on it: