Design of operator interfaces

The design of operator interfaces is important in order for the operation of machinery to be straightforward and user-friendly. An operator interface of unsuitable design can result in elevated mental strain. The design must also take account of the skills of the operating personnel and the purpose for which the machine is to be used. Important standards governing the design of operator interfaces can be found in the EN 894 and EN ISO 9241 series of Standards.

Tablet PC for process control

Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt © Michael Hüter

Tablet PC for process control A simple menu control on the iPad, which is docked on the machine, is used for process control and... more

Display design

Ergonomisches Farbdisplay stellt Informationen übersichtlich dar © DMG Mori Seiki AG

Display design On the DMG Ergoline Control, the machine status is primarily displayed on a high-quality 19" colour... more


SMARTkey ermöglicht durch gespeicherte Nutzerdaten Benutzerfreundlichkeit © DMG Mori Seiki AG

SMARTkey The SMARTkey system saves the user's access data on a small transponder that can be read out... more