Auxiliary equipment

The use of auxiliary equipment at work can substantially relieve the stress upon workers, for example during the transporting of loads or exertion of high forces. In order for such auxiliary equipment to be used effectively however, the machines in question must be adapted to it. For example, in order for a crane to be used in order to load a milling machine, it must be possible for the top of the machine shrouding to be opened.

Folding load floors

LKE Kit-Wagen © Michael Hüter

Folding load floors The LKE 800 E3 shelf trolley possesses two shelves on the upper level that can be folded up out of... more

Telescopic loading floors

LKE Kit-Wagen © Michael Hüter

Telescopic loading floors The LKE 800 E4.MAV range of shelf trolleys are equipped with withdrawable shelves. These shelves can... more

Exertion of force and handling of loads

Nutzung von EXPRESSO t2m Sensorgriff © Michael Hüter

Exertion of force and handling of loads The touch2move control concept implemented by Expresso is a universal control system suitable for a... more

Material: plastic

Pramac Kunststoffhubwagen I-Ton © Michael Hüter

Material: plastic The use of new types of material enabled the weight of the pallet truck presented here to be reduced... more

Drives for doors on machine tools

Sidoor Türsteuersystem mit Steuergerät und Motor © Michael Hüter

Drives for doors on machine tools Electric door drives can be retrofitted to existing machines in order to reduce the operating forces... more

Vertical open machining concept

Vertikales offenes Betriebskonzept von Kiesling © Michael Hüter

Vertical open machining concept The vertical design assures open access to the workpiece holder from the front and from above. For... more

Unimpeded access from above

Prinzip Spinner MVC ClassicLine Bearbeitungszentrum © Michael Hüter

Unimpeded access from above Cranes and lifting gear can be used in order to avoid heavy loads having to be handled manually. The... more

Retractable step

Abstiegsbewegung © Michael Hüter

Retractable step The Grifa softstep is a retrofitable step which is retracted after boarding and, when descending... more

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