Motional range

The freedom of movement that a worker has at his or her workplace is important not only for reasons of comfort; insufficient room to move can lead to unfavourable body postures and may even cause accidents.

Open pallet changing system

Handtmann HBZ CompactCell mit Palettenwechselsystem © Michael Hüter

Open pallet changing system The Handtmann pallet changer for vertical milling machines enables the tool pallets to be separated... more

Folding load floors

LKE Kit-Wagen © Michael Hüter

Folding load floors The LKE 800 E3 shelf trolley possesses two shelves on the upper level that can be folded up out of... more

Telescopic loading floors

LKE Kit-Wagen © Michael Hüter

Telescopic loading floors The LKE 800 E4.MAV range of shelf trolleys are equipped with withdrawable shelves. These shelves can... more

Variable driver's and operator's station

Sitz Crown TSP 7000 Hochregalstapler © Michael Hüter

Variable driver's and operator's station On Crown high-rack order pickers, the driver's control station can be adjusted to the needs of the... more

Vertical open machining concept

Vertikales offenes Betriebskonzept von Kiesling © Michael Hüter

Vertical open machining concept The vertical design assures open access to the workpiece holder from the front and from above. For... more

Diagonal door opening

Prinzip Spinner MVC ClassicLine Bearbeitungszentrum © Michael Hüter

Diagonal door opening On machines in the MVC Spinner range, the safety doors are located not on the front of the machine,... more

Legroom for improved accessibility

DMG DMU Monoblock © Michael Hüter

Legroom for improved accessibility The bottom of the DMG DMU 125 machine housing is recessed. This provides the operator with greater... more

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