Overload caused by the work task

Where the task is mentally demanding, the worker may experience mental overload. This may be the case with complicated motor tasks, complex observation tasks, or high demands upon combinatorial thinking ability. Machinery and machine controls should be designed such as to provide optimum support for human operatives in coping with such challenges, for example by presenting information selectively and concisely.

Exertion of force and handling of loads

Nutzung von EXPRESSO t2m Sensorgriff © Michael Hüter

Exertion of force and handling of loads The touch2move control concept implemented by Expresso is a universal control system suitable for a... more

Tablet PC for process control

Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine © Michael Hüter

Tablet PC for process control A simple menu control on the iPad, which is docked on the machine, is used for process control and... more

Display design

Bild von DMG Ergoline © DMG Mori Seiki AG

Display design On the DMG Ergoline Control, the machine status is primarily displayed on a high-quality 19" colour... more


Detail von DMG Ergoline © DMG Mori Seiki AG

SMARTkey The SMARTkey system saves the user's access data on a small transponder that can be read out... more

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