Visibility conditions

Visibility is important for the viewing of relevant areas of work, such as the inside of a machine tool or the area in front of a forklift truck. Constrained visibility can lead to unfavourable body postures or elevated mental stress.

Adjustable control and display element

Einstellbarer Arbeitsplatz an Trumpf Biegemaschine Serie Trubend 7000 © Michael Hüter

Adjustable control and display element The control panel on the Trumpf Trubend 7000 range consists of a touch display in which display and... more

Variable driver's and operator's station

Sitz Crown TSP 7000 Hochregalstapler © Michael Hüter

Variable driver's and operator's station On Crown high-rack order pickers, the driver's control station can be adjusted to the needs of the... more

Adjustability of operating panels

Fräsmaschinensteuerung DMG Ergoline © Michael Hüter

Adjustability of operating panels On the DMG Ergoline Control, the angle of the display and of the lower keypad is adjustable. This... more

Driver's rotating control station

Linde Drehkabine © Michael Hüter

Driver's rotating control station Linde's driver's rotating control stations can be fitted to larger models of forklift. By releasing... more

Tilting driver's cab

Schubmaststapler mit kippbarer Kabine © Michael Hüter

Tilting driver's cab A tilting driver's cab assists in reducing the necessary angle of head inclination. Such a cab... more

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