Automatic material change facility for blanks


Chip-forming machining of metal and ceramic parts usually results in worker exposure to substances. Where cooling is required during the machining of metals, cooling lubricants are used. During retrieval of the machined parts from the machine, the worker often comes into direct contact with these substances. In the longer term, this can lead to irritation and diseases of the skin. Where ceramics are machined dry, fine dusts are produced that can also be unpleasant or harmful when they come into contact with the skin or are inhaled.

Stress category


The raw material for the parts machined by the Datron D5 dental milling machines takes the form of blanks. These standardized discs are made of the desired material and fit directly into the automated clamping device on the machine. The workpieces do not therefore have to be clamped manually in the machine. The blanks are changed by a system that retrieves them automatically from a store within the machine. Following machining, the machine deposits the workpieces in an aperture in the machine housing from where the worker can retrieve them directly. New blanks are placed in the same aperture. This enables the machine to be used for longer periods without the safety door to the interior of the machine having to be opened. The worker is protected against exposure to hazardous liquids and dusts. The arrangement also makes setup fast and straightforward and obviates the need for it to be performed directly inside the machine with adoption of an unfavourable posture (see also EN 1005-4).

Principle of operation

  • Automatic insertion and retrieval of material into and from the machine, in order to reduce exposure to hazardous substances
  • Rapid changing of consumables by automatic insertion, in order to reduce unfavourable body postures


  • Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt © Michael Hüter

  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine © DATRON AG

  • Bild Datron Dentalfräsmaschine © DATRON AG

  • Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt
  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine
  • Bild Datron Dentalfräsmaschine