Display design


Inflexible program interfaces communicate a low information density, and may overtax the operator mentally. Conversely, inefficiently designed displays of the operating status may make monitoring tasks tiring and monotonous. This not only constitutes mental stress for the operator, but also increases the risk of error.

Stress category


On the DMG Ergoline Control, the machine status is primarily displayed on a high-quality 19" colour display. The control software provides clear, user-friendly information and control through a number of sub-menus (see also EN 894-1:2009; EN 894-2:2009). Additional displays at the bottom of the controls are available as an option.

Principle of operation

  • Use of large, high-resolution display elements
  • Observance of the principles of dialog design in the development of control software


  • Ergonomisches Farbdisplay stellt Informationen übersichtlich dar © DMG Mori Seiki AG

  • Bild von DMG Ergoline © DMG Mori Seiki AG

  • Ergonomisches Farbdisplay stellt Informationen übersichtlich dar
  • Bild von DMG Ergoline