Tablet PC for process control


In production plants, machine tools are generally operated by skilled and well qualified personnel, in order to assure high productivity and full exploitation of their capacity. Where such machines are used in other areas, for example for the production of false teeth in dental laboratories, the operators are however only semi-skilled, and are not as familiar with the machines. In such cases, the work is considerably more difficult when operation of the machine is complicated.

Stress category


A simple menu control on the iPad, which is docked on the machine, is used for process control and monitoring of Datron dental milling machines. The programs are generated in the CAD/CAM system and sent directly to the machine. They appear there in the form of simple entries in a job list, and can be selected and launched directly by the user. The control system also shows which materials and tools are required for the task; this knowledge is not therefore required of the operator.

A further advantage is that once the program has been launched, the iPad can be undocked from the machine and used via WLAN as an external monitoring device. The operator can therefore call up the status of the machine, which job is currently running, and any faults that may have occurred without having to be at the machine. This means fewer interruptions, greater flexibility, and lower mental stress for the staff of a dental laboratory.


Principle of operation

  • Uncoupling of the process status display from the site of the machine
  • The control and monitoring software is user-friendly, even for semi-skilled workers


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  • Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt © Michael Hüter

  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine © DATRON AG

  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine © DATRON AG

  • Durch den automatischen Rohmaterialwechsel werden Mitarbeiter vor Schadstoffen geschützt
  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine
  • Bedienung Datron Dentalfräsmaschine